How to buy an investment property through your SMSF

Everyone is familiar with the idea of buying a property for investment purposes. And everyone is familiar with the idea of saving for retirement through superannuation. But a lot of…

Buying Property

Buying property in an SMSF in Sydney – What you need to know before signing

Purchasing a property through your SMSF can be a complicated process. If you are not familiar with the area in which you have decided to buy, it can be even…

Buying Property

How long does settlement take for an SMSF property?

In comparison to the purchase of a property in your personal name, when you purchase a property through an SMSF, there are a number of additional considerations. These extra steps…

Buying Property

Explained in plain English: What is a limited recourse borrowing arrangement?

Self-Managed Super Funds (‘SMSF’) are a way of saving for retirement and can provide greater control of funds by individuals. This is because trustees decide on and implement the SMSF’s…


4 questions to ask before you appoint an SMSF conveyancer

The rules around self-managed super funds are complex, to say the least. Navigating these correctly when you’re buying or selling property is critical, otherwise you could be in line for…


Your foolproof guide to SMSF conveyancing jargon

Buying a residential or commercial property through your self-managed super fund can be a shrewd financial strategy. But it’s a complex process. There are two main reasons for the complexity….